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Dermal Fillers

If you are up to finding an aid for facial wrinkles, lost volume and seeking more fullness in the specific parts of your face and getting rid of natural signs of aging, dermal filler injections, an outpatient treatment, best fit in! The procedure provides temporary results, as eventually is absorbed by your body, however in the short run, results last for 6 months up to a year.

Filler injections are composed of hyaluronic acid collagens and are gel-like substance. Once facial tissues get thinner, aging signals become more visible, your mouth cheek and nose look a bit hollow. Simply by smoothing marionette and smile lines and nasolabial folds, plumping lips, improving symmetry, smoothing under eyes, lifting cheeks, you may rejuvenate your face and do it in a super quick session. As it ideally plumps and boosts hydration and is injected beneath the skin, therefor, one of the greatest rejuvenation technique becoming popular lately.

Our doctors use renowned Juvéderm™ Teosyal ® Yvoire® Radiesse® Aquashine products ensuring the quality of material and being formulated to last long, offering promising end results.  

Let our doctor evaluate your concern of area and review your medical history disclosed fully by you, then offer you the best treatment giving highest quality results, combining excellence, experience and detail orientation.

  • No downtime.
  •  You can go back to your routine following following the clinic visit.
  • Avoid irritation and trauma to injection site.
  •  Mild swelling, bruising or flus may develop.
  • Refrain from massaging the injection site.
  •  Avoid using blood thinning medicines.
  •  Any make up material containing alcohol should be avoided.
  •  Sun exposure should be avoided for a few days following the injections.
  •  Stop smoking for at least a few days to ensure quicker healing.
  • Procedure duration: 15 mins
  • Anaesthetic: Numbing cream-
  •  Frequency of treatment: Varies from 6 to 12 months
  • Net result: A couple of days to a week
  • Pain: Minor insect bite-alike
  • Stitches: None
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