Gynecomastia - Op.Dr.Nazmi Yogurtcu


Gynecomastia appears of imbalanced hormonal changes in the body or overweight. The body produces more estrogens (female hormones) rather than androgens (male hormones) which causes the unwanted “man-boob” look, resulting in breast tissue to grow.

Enlarged breasts may appear in different ways. One may be caused by excess fat tissue alone and can be improved by changing eating habits or liposuction to remove fat deposit in the breasts. If glandular tissue and excess skin removal is necessary, excision technique may be applied or a combination of liposuction and excision, known as pull-through technique, is to be performed.


The questions arising from the technique to choose ground on surgical preferences and specific conditions and the texture of glandular tissue, fatty tissue, skin redundancy at varying degrees.

  • Depending on how quick your wound heals you will be instructed on when to take off elastic garment and dressings
  • You will be reviewed a week after surgery
  • Occasionally at 6 weeks there will be some swelling and soreness presence.
  • Consult to learn when to start exercising or heavy lift
  • You are recommended to strictly refrain from stretching.
  • Due to seat belt worn while driving, wait until it is no longer painful to do so
  • Loss of nipple sensation, lump developing is may occur
  • Unevenly shaped breasts to a moderate extent
  • Optimized blood sugar level, quit on smoking decrease the risk of a complication after surgery
  • Elastic garment is provided and you are recommended to wear during a certain period of time to block excess bleeding , edema and soreness.
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