Otoplasty - Op.Dr.Nazmi Yogurtcu


Otoplasty also known as ear correction is a simple surgery to reshape the ears. You can choose from resizing, reshaping, repositioning and holding back the ears.

Many can experience ears that stand out disturbing. The ear shape and size can affect how we feel about our look and this can cause a lack of confidence. Ears that sticking out too far from the head can be uncomfortable. But with a simple surgery this problem can be resolved on anyone at any age after ears reach their full size

Your ear will be incised on the back surface, however front incisions are necessary on the front, they are made through the folds to make them minimally noticeable. Internal and dissolvable stitches are preferred for aesthetic purposes.

After a week or two it’s safe to return to your normal daily activities. After the surgery a head band will be necessary to protect the healing wound.  Your ears can be bruised, swollen and red for a few weeks. Any discomfort can be controlled with painkillers.

  • You are recommended to avoid aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs and herbal supplements, which increase the likeliness of bleeding.
  • The ears may be incised either on the back or within creases of your ears
  • Itching may be present for a certain period of time
  • Bandages for protection and support is to be worn
  • You need to refrain from sleeping on your side and excessive force
  • Redness soreness and swelling are entirely normal to predefined levels and please follow up with your patient coordinator to keep your surgeon up to date
  • Immediate changes are to be noticeable